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Intracavernosal Injection

What is Intracavernosal Injection (ICI)?

This is an essentially painless injection of a completely customized mixture of medications that is injected directly into the side of the penis. These medications will cause the blood vessels to dilate to fill the corpus cavernosum to allow the patient to achieve an erection.

Using only FDA approved medications and a customized mixture of medications designed exactly for the patient, tested on you in the office, intracavernosal injections are the most efficient treatment for erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation.

During your office visit we will do a test dose and your response will be assessed. Based on your response and how long the erection lasts, you will be prescribed a dose that is customized for you. When you receive your medications at home, you will use a syringe exactly like diabetics use to draw up the prescribed amount of medication, put the syringe into an auto-injector and give yourself an injection. The auto-injector makes the process simple and virtually painless. In 3-8 minutes you will have an erection that should last 30-90 minutes.

Intracavernosal injections have a 90% success rate. A recent study shows that 87% of men who use ICI for more than 2 years are happy with the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before ICI starts to work?

After the injection the patient achieves an erection in about 3-5 minutes.

How long does the erection last?

Since the medications are formulated for each patient, erection times may vary based on patient. Erections will last between 30-90 minutes.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

ICI is a great therapy but occasionally when we are adjusting the dose, you may get an erection that lasts over 4 hours. When you are evaluated and prescribed treatment, you will be given a priapism pack. This is a set of instructions and some medications that you use if you have a priapism. If this does not work, call the office where there is someone on call 24/7 to take care of the problem. Typically it will require a few does of medication that is administered just like your ED medication through an auto-injector. This is all done at no charge to you.

Are there any side effects?

Since ICI puts the medication exactly where it is needed, small doses of medication are typically required. Therefore systemic effects are mild and almost nonexistent. Occasionally there will be mild bruising. Improper technique may allow the medication to go into the urethra and drain out of the penis or into a vessel that may cause dizziness and nausea.

What is used to inject the medications?

ICI is best done with an auto-injector.  With the auto-injector, what you will feel is a thud and rarely feel any more sensation.  However, ICI can be done with or without an auto-injector using the same syringe diabetics use to give themselves an injection. The auto-injector is simple to use and you will be instructed in its use in the office.

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